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Confidence in Public Speaking

Is your body language, voice, and presentation style a benefit or detriment to your career?


Confidence in public speaking

We know from research that snap judgements are made in a split second. When you need to do a presentation at work, or attend a job interview, similar to when you are auditioning as an actor, you walk in the room, and a snap judgement has been made about you before you have even opened your mouth. Now, you start to speak and your voice waivers or perhaps you don't have the volume you want, you wish your voice was louder or stronger or that you commanded more attention.  You may have an excellent presentation, be extremely accomplished in every other way but your desired impression or impact is not communicated they way you wish it could be. 

In our coaching sessions we will identify and work on body language which may not be working for your effectively, improve your presentation skills, and you will learn vocal technique to improve your speaking voice if it is weak or to relieve fatigue from extensive public speaking which can occur when you are not using your voice effectively and in a healthy manner and help you to find the power in your presence and your presentation skills so you feel  to empower you to exude confidence whether it's speaking up at a board room discussion, attending a job interview, lecturing in a college or university, teaching  a class, or making a presentation.  

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