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LESSONS/COACHING - Voice, Conducting, Collaborative Piano

Your voice is unique, and each person has a singing voice and the ability to sing. That is a fact.  So many people have been told they are not "good enough" or that they are "tone deaf". There is no such thing as tone deafness. Singing and matching pitch are both skills which can be learned and while like every other activity, some people have more affinity or talent in certain areas, and not everyone can be the next Adele, Josh Groban or Billie Eilish, you can learn to sing and you can improve your voice and be proud of your voice.  Maybe you are one of the many who feel like when you open your mouth to sing,  the voice coming out fundamentally does not match who you are,  and/or you don't have the power in your voice you wish you had.  Maybe you've been told not to sing, because you're "tone deaf" or don't have a "nice voice", or maybe you've been singing in choirs for years and wish you could sing that pop song, or that broadway "belt" song but you just don't know if you have the ability.  I have also worked with many singers who have taken years of classical voice lessons and want to learn to "belt" or sing show tunes or pop, and the technique and pedagogy they have learned so far simply doesn't provide them with the tools to achieve this versatility. I also work with students wishing to complete their RCM exams, and am trained in Italian, Latin, German diction and am fluent in French. 


I have found some of my most rewarding work has been working with people who just wish they "could sing", or people who want to enjoy singing, and enjoy their voice, or who want to find the power in their voice because singing is such an intrinsic part of ourselves and our voice is a true representation of ourselves.  When your voice, and the sound that come out when you sing, and/or speak  is not aligned with how you see yourself as a human, and how you want to be in the world there is a disconnect and a frustration.   That is where I come in. I want you to find joy and expression through your singing, and that means finding your voice, not copying someone else, finding the music you like to sing, and teaching you how to sing it, providing you the tools to sing in various genres, from folk, to pop, broadway, gospel, or if you want to learn to sing it all, we can work on all the genres, discussing how they are all different, the techniques, performance practice, diction and placements required for each genre to sing the songs in the way they were intended to be sung. 


I teach regular weekly or bi-weekly lessons and "one off" coaching and lessons.   My focus on identifying what is getting in your way, creating a balanced and healthy instrument across registers and helping you find your voice. I work with complete beginners as well as professional singers. My focus is always on teaching singers to sing properly and healthily in the genre of music they wish to learn, whether it is Musical Theatre, Pop, Rock, Gospel, Classical, or early music, but I specialize in popular genres and Musical Theatre. 


Pay for 8 lessons up front and get the 9th free.  (expires in 6 months from date of purchase)
$130 for 1 hour
$100 for 45 min 
$70 for 30 min

Lessons/Coaching: Services


Darrell Ert

No matter what the level of experience or training, Dominique provides practical techniques and knowledge to create better vocal results. Patient and encouraging yet professionally persistent in getting improved range and control. I still have a ways to go, but am confident Dominique will help me get there. I would strongly recommend Dominique as both a choir director and personal vocal coach! 

Peter Chalk

"Dominique is a gifted musician, musical director, music teacher and accompanist, with whom I've had the pleasure of working with as her voice student and as a member of her choir for the past five years.

Dominique's vast musical knowledge and experience are writ large in all she does. As a teacher, she can adapt readily to the needs and talents of her pupils. She teaches with patience and kindness, supporting and encouraging her students at every turn to guide them to success. As a musical director, she leads with enthusiasm, tempered by the calm that comes with being completely in command of one's craft. Her choristers are capably developed and securely conducted. As a répétiteur, she effortlessly joins with her singer to create a performance greater than the sum of its parts.

Dominique's intelligence and determination means she has turned the vicissitudes of being a professional musician to her advantage. She has developed evident resilience, theatre production and administrative capabilities, and deploys those practical skills in myriad ways in running her choir, which she has very successfully done since 2005.

I unreservedly endorse Dominique and commend her to anyone looking for a musical director, music teacher, collaborative pianist or show producer."

Ruth Andermatt

"I have had the pleasure of having Dominique as my musical director for the past fifteen years. She is particularly talented at creating a space for all to feel safe, but most importantly for each of us to find the courage to stretch far beyond what we feel may be possible. Her vision is solid, inviting and inspiring. Dominique’s organic style coupled with her technical capacity makes the process of growth in the music truly delightful.”

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