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About me

At the age of 4 I begged my mother for piano lessons, being a single mom, and unable to afford lessons, she bartered with a teacher and traded french lessons for piano lessons. That was the beginning of my love affair with music. I would record myself on tape and play duets with myself, I learned the entire Disney song book by the time I was 12. At 16 I was afforded a scholarship to attend a CEGEP/College in Montreal where I could study piano with the professors at McGill. I left high school in Ontario to pursue music in Montreal. I was then accepted as a Music Theory Major at McGill University where I continued to study piano with Luba Zuk, Esther Master and Louis Phillipe-Pelletier. Wishing I had a stronger voice I also independently studied singing with Betty Doroschuk, Ranee Lee, Colin Doroschuk and Jennifer Allen, as well as jazz piano with Andre White.  

 I worked as accompanist for the Savoy Society at McGill and various musical theatre productions in Montreal throughout my studies.  I longed to learn more about musical theatre. During my final year at McGill I applied to grad schools in Musicology, when I found a program at Arizona State University, a Master's Degree in Musical Theatre Musical Direction I felt I had hit the jackpot!  I was accepted under full scholarship and completed my Masters Degree at ASU. 


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At Arizona State University, I worked as the Lyric Opera Department’s resident accompanist for the Operas and Musicals, as well as Accompanist to the department’s Musical Theatre and Opera classes. I studied opera conducting with Dr. William Reber, and Orchestral Conducting with Dr. Timothy Russell as well as piano studies. I went on to work in Phoenix, Los Angeles, Maine, and Vancouver as Musical Director, Arranger, Composer and Accompanist. 

I have now spent the last 25 years working hard to demystify the concept of tone deafness and promote community singing for everyone regardless of musical background, training or what some people call "talent".  Community choirs and singing in my opinion should be for everyone, and not just the select few who were fortunate or privileged enough to receive musical training in their childhoods. I work with singers of all backgrounds to develop the vocal instrument they are looking to develop, one which is an extension of them, and to teach singers to sing in a sustainable and healthy manner.  I use various pedagogies and tools in my teaching, and work with each individual to help them remove the barriers which are keeping them from best expressing themselves through singing.  I have spent many years learning how to get the best out of my voice and now use that training to teach others the vocal placement required to sing in many different genres of music in a healthy and sustainable manner.  

I have also produced many shows and fundraising events/concerts leading the artistic vision and the logistical side of production as well, and have been hired by choirs to "bring their choirs to life"!

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