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Dominique is an Artistic and Executive Director with 25+ years of experience as an artistic and business leader in the performing arts. She has founded and manages one of Canada’s first and most successful large popular music choruses - the 175 singer Burstin’ with Broadway. An expert in Musical Theatre/Broadway music she has extensive background as an accomplished and successful Musical Director, Conductor, concert and show producer, paired with proven and solid business experience and leadership. She has produced many shows and fundraising events and concerts leading the artistic vision and the logistical side of production as well.  She also teaches/coaches up and coming musicians and conductors on how to lead effectively and build their own successful choirs from the ground up. She has adaptive, accommodating leadership skills, and the ability to motivate people in a positive manner. Dominique has worked across the United States and Canada as a Musical Director, Voice and Piano teacher, Accompanist, Coach, Pit Musician, Conductor, Composer and Arranger, as well in the corporate world in logistics, planning, inside sales, marketing and web design. Versed and experience in many genres ranging from classical and baroque to popular and jazz music. Have held a variety of leadership and teaching roles in numerous ensembles and productions throughout Canada and the United States. Fully bilingual in French and English.


Dominique holds a Master’s Degree in Musical Direction for Musical Theatre/Lyric Opera from Arizona State University (under full scholarship), a Bachelor of Music Degree in Music Theory, from McGill University, and a Diploma of Collegiale Studies in Piano Performance from Marianopolis College (under scholarship) in Montreal. She has been playing the piano since the age of 4 and at the age of 16 left high school in Ontario after she was awarded a scholarship at Marianopolis College in Montreal to study music and continue her private piano studies with Luba Zuk at McGill University. Consequently she was accepted at McGill University in Music Theory where she continued piano studies with Luba Zuk and Esther Master, there she also studied Jazz voice with Ranee Lee and Jazz piano with André White. She was then awarded a full scholarship at Arizona State University to complete her Masters degree in Musical Direction for Musical Theatre. She also continued her piano studies with Jan Thomson at ASU. During her graduate studies she worked as the Lyric Opera Department’s resident accompanist, accompanying and playing in the orchestra pit, for Operas and Musicals, as well as being Accompanist to the department’s Musical Theatre and Opera classes. She studied opera conducting with Dr. William Reber, and Orchestral Conducting with Dr. Timothy Russell. 

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